Quality Standard

It is our commitment to deliver the best quality products as well as providing a touch of artistic luxury for our customers. To do so, we have:

  • Qualified Personel

    We have united a growing team of over 500 dedicated personnel across a diverse board of skills and expertise for our present divisions. All of our staffs are well-trained in quality insurance system and safety procedures. We believe in the number as our means to facilitate your every needs and demands for top quality marbles and professional customer service.

  • Safety Insurance

    It is our policy to ensure the safety of all staff. We are committed to conducting its operations in ways that follow all health and safety regulations. We apply a strict safety management system which requires a range of special equipment such as fire extinguishers, work wears, helmets, and the special marking of all areas and workplaces.

  • Quality Control

    We integrate a total quality control management in each production steps, despite our large team, as to ensure the products surpass our customers’ expectations. For packaging, we follow international specifications. The wood, used for storage and transportation of marbles, is certified and all products reach the end recipient in excellent conditions.