pt gunung marmer raya

PT. Gunung Marmer Raya (GMR) has been in the marble business since 1998. The company own a quarry and processing facilities in the Pangkep area, about 60 kilometers from the city of Makassar, which is also known as Ujung Pandang, in the province of South Sulawesi (also known as Celebes), Indonesia. The Southern Sulawesi marble has been widely used either in Indonesia as well as worldwide. Its natural beauty and colour softness is the main reason why the demand for this marble is very high.

We have 3 distribution warehouses located in Surabaya, Jakarta, and Bali (all in Indonesia). Each of them is fully facilitated to produce marbles according to specific project requirements. Our products are exported all the way to China, USA and Australia. Our machinery and technology are always updated by replacing the old and outdated ones with the latest ones in the market. We integrate a total quality control management in each production steps, despite our large team, as to ensure the products surpass our customers’ expectations.